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Outfit – All the colours of Camilla Jayne!

October 14, 2015

Sorry for the lack of outfit posts lately. I’ve really just not been myself, feeling rather lost as of late. When depression hits, it’s hard to get excited about clothes and you dress more for comfort then anything.  When this dress arrived though, I knew it would be one of those dresses that I would love on.


You know how you can find a dress that you will throw on and instantly feel pretty, that’s comfortable, and well made and just all round perfect. You don’t need accessories, but you can style it many different ways. This dress is it! It’s also reversible! Not inside out reversible, but you can turn it around and wear the zip at the back!


The colours remind me of washi tape! It also comes in black though if you think the colours are a bit too much for you. As you can see, the skirt has a lot of material to it, I can’t wait to try it out with a petticoat underneath!


Dress – c/o Camilla Jayne (M) || Cardigan – Rockmans || Brooch – Target || Shoes – Target


Don’t forget to check out the Camilla Jayne site, I’m thinking the swing tee in citrus will be added to my cart soon!

What does the print on the dress remind you of?

  • Louise P

    You look AMAZING! I love the dress, your outfit is perfect, and I’m in love with your hair! <3 I'm all about the comfort when I'm struggling with the D word, too, so I completely get what you mean. Sometimes PJs are the only clothes that will cut it. I'm sorry you've been having a hard time with it lately, and I hope it gets a little easier for you soon. Depression is a bitch. xx

  • oh my god your hair looks so fricking adorable! i love it! And i feel you about depression and clothes. its so hard, but its always nice when theres a piece of clothing that ‘brings you back to life’ even for a few moments

  • I love your hair like that! Hugs honey bun, I’m having a shitty D period too so I feel like half a person. Hugs. <3

  • wow, the dress looks sooo much better on you than the model! Stunnng as always xx

  • You are too cute Natalie. I love that dress on you and your hair looks so adorable.

  • Trees

    I’m sorry you haven’t been feeling your best, but you look lovely in this dress. When I first saw the photo I thought maybe the fabric pattern was rows of books. You hair looks great too! I’ve never heard of this brand, but I think I need to check them out.


  • Stefanie

    That sucks about the depression 🙁 I hope things feel better soon. Your hair looks amazing, the curls really suit you! 😀 The dress is awesome, like Trees I thought the pattern was books 🙂

  • Yep, leggings and singlets seem to be my uniform of late, and an oversize cardi if it gets cold. Depression certainly is a bitch! But thank you!

  • Haha, thank you! My dream hair is curly hair, but alas my hair doesn’t even hold a curl very long, these dropped out after about an hour.

  • *big hugs*

  • Haha, thank you!! One of the reasons I love plus size blogs is cause you get to see clothing on women who are often more your size & shape, and seeing that can really change how you feel about an item!

  • No, you are!! Thank you xox

  • It does look likes book, doesn’t it!? And thank you, it was fun having curly hair, if only for a few hours!

  • I can totally see the books now that it’s been pointed out! And thank you, curly hair is my dream hair, but alas, my hair doesn’t want a bar of it!