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Curvy Couture Roadshow – Behind the Scenes #ccr2015


I’m currently sorting through all the photos I took on the weekend, all 1200+ of them! I had such a great time at the Curvy Couture Roadshow. To start off though, I thought i’d share a few behind the scenes snap from the day of the show. While the runway didn’t start until 8pm, the models were at the venue bright and early to get hair and make up done, as well as any last minute fittings. Above you can see Kobi’s finished make up look.


I was super excited to see these Sonsee crop tops, which you will be seeing more of soon. I for one vote they actually release some of these!


The ever so gorgeous Elyse posing it up! The blue sparkle dress you can just see, well, that was one of my favourite pieces of the night!


 These photos were taken about 3:30pm, so hours before the runway began. Rows of rows of clothes racks, models and make up everywhere. I never thought at just how much work really does go on behind the scenes, and made me appreciate all the work that goes into it even more.


Kobi again, being all excited and waving! It was actually her birthday! She’s rocking a Pho Sizzle Threads dress.


 Hopefully this sneak peak has wet your appetite even more! I can’t wait to show you more from the weekend!

Who are you most looking forward to seeing runway pics of?