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5 beauty items I am loving & a new hair colour!

This was originally going to be a vlog, but due to running around to doctors, poor mental health, and not finding the right lighting (I really need to invest in proper lights), it’s ended up being a blog post!

I’ve not been buying too much clothing lately, I’d been saving to get Tonka’s teeth done. What I have been really getting into lately though is make up & beauty products. I don’t wear make up a lot, and generally it’s quite simple, but I’ve always loved getting creative with make up & I’ve found that inspiration to play around with it more lately. I’ve also found due to aging, and moving to Melbourne, my skin has been changing, so I’ve been trying a few new things.


Real Techniques Starter Set – $45
When I attended beauty school, one the first things I was taught was that you need GOOD tools. I learnt on both brushes and sponges, and found that make up really does apply better when you have better quality brushes. I already own the RT Core Collection and was impressed with the brushes, I decided to add the Starter Set to my regime. I’ve not been disappointed.


Good brushes are expensive, but I find this range to be a great price for synthetic (cruelty free) brushes. One of the other things I love about them is that every brush has what kind of brush it is written on it, which is great for anyone who is starting out playing with make up.


Jane Iredale Botanical Brush Cleaner – $33.60
CLEAN YOUR BRUSHES! Even if you are just using them on yourself, you still need to clean your brushes. I generally do mine once a month, or before & after I’ve used it on another person. I’ve made my own brush cleaner in the past, but decided to try and brand name one, and it works a treat!


Eco Tools Bamboo Bristle Bath Brush – $13.99
I think I first read about dry brushing on Smaggle, and then more recently on This is Megan Kerr. Bad blood flow runs in my family, so the thought that something so simple as dry brushing can help with blood flow, well, I was happy to try it out. Spring has also sprung and I shaved my legs for the first time in ages, and this was a super easy way to cleanse any extra dead skin. Also great for reaching hard to reach places. I’ve used this a few times and have noticed a slight change to my skin, will keep you updated though after longer use.


BECCA Shimmering Skin Perfector Pearl – $52.80
HALLELUJAH! This is AH-MAY-ZING! Okay, so first up, I was debating weather to get the liquid or dry shimmer. I already had a great dry highlight (more on that below) so I decided on the liquid. The good & bad of the liquid is that it has sunscreen in it. I do love when make up items have built in sunscreen, but it does limit the life of your item, and with this you only need the smallest amount of product. But golly is it SO GOOD!


I got it in Pearl, but it comes in many colours. I’ve been wearing it whenever I leave the house, just a smudge on top of my cheek bones, tip of nose & cupid bow. It’s given me a glow, even when waiting over an hours in the doctors waiting room.


The Balm Mary-Lou Manizer – $29.95
After seeing the oh so marvelous Nikkie Tutorials use this over and over, I caved in and snapped it up for myself. I was not disappointed! I had this before the Becca one above, and it’s great for days when I’m wanting more of a dry shine, not as dewy. It’s also great to throw in your bag for touch ups. The mirror in the compact is really nice!


And newwww hair! To be honest, i’m not quite sold on it yet. I think i’m going to add more purple around my face. I’m not used to having such a bright colour around my face. It really is neon! I used Fudge Purple Haze, Manic Panic Electric Lizard and Arctic Fox Neon Moon.

What beauty product are you LOVING right now?

NOTE: This post contains affiliate links and some items have been gifted. All thoughts are my own.