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5 Aussie Fashion & Beauty Subscription Boxes

October 13, 2014

Subscriptions boxes have been around a few years now, ranging from food, toys, beauty, fashion & even ones for your pets! Australia is still somewhat limited compared to the US, but a few US based boxes, such as Loot Crate and Nerd Block do deliver to Australia. As you can imagine, I’d love to subscribe to them, but I probably have enough geeky nerdy toys to last me a life time!

I’ve subscribed to a few Beauty & Fashion boxes over the years,  a couple which are still going, and a few who are no more. I thought i’d share a list of 5 currently available boxes that I either subscribe to, or are interested in.

subscriptionbox-bellaboxMonthly – $15

I’ve been a subscriber to Bellabox from it’s very first month! With this months box marking it’s 3rd year, it means I currently have 35 box worth of stuff from them. And if you wanted to know, yes, I’ve kept ALL those boxes! They come in handy for neat storage! I’ve subscribed to a number of boxes over the years and this is one that has always ticked the boxes for me. I’ve found some interesting and new products, and most of the items are affordable to re-buy if you fall in love. Sadly, with the move and rent rise, I think I’m going to have to cancel my subscription. I’ve been very pleased while it’s lasted.

OTHER: Also check out the BellaBaby for babies and their quarterly Bellobox for men.

subscriptionbox-lusthaveitMonthly – $19.99

I’ve subscribed to Lust Have It twice, I believe. Once when it originally started, and again late last year. I quite like Lust Have It, but when it came down to it, I just couldn’t afford it to keep getting it. They have some of my favourite brands available in their shop though, such as Sugarpill, Klara and Lime Crime. It is a box that I loved though, and if I had the money, I would still be subscribed to.

OTHER: They have a quarterly Eco box that I’m hoping to try in the future. I’ve been paying a lot more attention to what I put on my body lately and the idea of a box catered to natural product really appeals to me. They also have a monthly Fashion and Beauty (FaB) box, as well as a Bridal Box!

subscriptionbox-theparcelQuarterly – $25

I actually have The Parcel on it’s way to me now! I’m excited to see what it’s like. I like the idea of queartly boxes, I do find with weekly boxes that I don’t always have time to trial all the products before a new box arrives and I end up with a draw full of samples. I think this gives you more time to trial the products, and it’s also works out cheaper. Would you be interested in me shooting a box opening video?

OTHER: Nothing as of yet, but you can sign up your interest for a ‘Girlfriend’ box.

subscriptionbox.nativeboxQuarterly – $24.99

Native Box have a few boxes, and one is Beauty Box. As I mentioned above, I’ve been trying to buy a lot more natural products, so this quarterly box which caters to eco friendly products.

OTHER: Classic Box, Vegan Box, Supersize Box, and Mens Box.

subscriptionbox.herfashionboxMonthly – $39.95

HFB has always intrigued me, but at $40 a month, it’s never been something I could justify. You get 2-3 on trend fashion accessories, as well as at least 4 beauty & lifestyle accessories. They’ve worked with some great brands and accessories have ranged from blinging jewellery, scarves and even some awesome cat eye sunnies!

OTHER: They teamed up with Nicola Finetti to create this awesome limited edition box!

 Do you subscribe to any boxes? What do you think of them?

  • “Would you be interested in me shooting a box opening video?”

    HELL YEAH! 🙂 I will like to know more about The Parcel! 😉

  • I’m a bit to fussy to get a beauty box but we do get vegie boxes sometimes. It’s handy to get stuff left on the doorstep and a good challenge to eat new things.

  • I’d love to see videos of box openings in the future so I can live vicariously because I don’t buy them. I know, at least in the US, that almost any company will send you samples and coupons free of charge if you just shoot them an email asking, so it seems like a waste of money, to me, since Birchbox and others I’ve seen have usually just had crappy Julep nail varnishes and $1/ea at wal-mart face masks.

    That being said, I’d LOVE to try some of the natural boxes for beauty and even Vegan Cuts. We have no health food or natural stores around here at all, so those would be worth it as it is something I can’t get my hands on without driving several hours.

  • I subscribe to Crown and Glory’s Glitterati, and it’s amazing! There’s nothing better than a box full of sparkly and flowery hair accessories every month.

    They do ship worldwide, although it always takes me a while to get my box, since C&G is based in the UK. There’s a private Facebook group for Glitterati members, which is really cool, except that I get to see all the UK people posting pictures of their boxes two weeks before mine shows up. It would probably take even longer to get to Australia than to the US, but I think it would still be worth it, because the contents are awesome.

  • Interesting, I’d be keen to see boxes with cruelty free products 🙂

  • Awesome! I shall do one then! It may take a while though, it didn’t arrive before I moved, so it will probably be packed into one of my boxes!

  • Oh, that would be wonderful, wouldn’t it?

  • Oh man, that is SO HIGH on my wishlist, but it comes to about $40 and I can’t justify that.