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Outfit – Who wears short shorts?

February 28, 2014


Look! I’m wearing shorts! I don’t often wear pants, or shorts, so I’m not sure what was going through my mind when I put these shorts into my cart at ASOS. I think it was along the lines of sale, pretty, try something new.  I’m kind of glad I did, because they are super comfortable and I don’t think they look too bad on.


The weather here has been humid, so I’ve been liking things that are more flowy and breezy, though it worked well in the 40degree heat of Melbourne too. The top is from City Chic, though very old now, probably around 4 or 5 years. In my recent wardrobe overhaul I’ve found a few old gems!


Can we just take a moment to look how long my hair has grown! This month also marks one year since I became a blonde! While I did add a little dip dye colour once, this is the longest I’ve been one colour in YEARS, let alone a ‘natural’ colour! I always thought I’d have pink hair forever!


Top – City Chic | Shorts – ASOS | Necklace – ASOS | Shoes – Betts | Hairbow – Ruby Kawaii


Are you a fan of shorts?


  • They look great. You have lovely legs!

  • flashionaffair

    I have loved seeing you with blonde hair but colour is just too fun to resist sometimes! the shorts are super cute. I avoided shorts for ages but the last 2 summers I have been rocking short shorts and knee length ones ad so glad I did because omg COMFORT FIRST!

  • Ooooh I love the shorts! I think I’m gonna have to go thrifting for some and do a DIY with pretty lace. *__*

  • Yay for shorts! They look great!

  • Nessbow

    I have only just begun to embrace shorts because I’m really self-conscious about my thighs. Good on your for trying something new, you look great. I’d never noticed how shapely your legs are before. Meow!

  • I love shorts. I wear them all the time. In summer and winter (with tights). I really want to find some non denim shorts atm.

  • I have another pair of shorts that a floral print, they are awesome, I picked those up from Crossroads.

  • Naaw, thank you! I don’t mind my legs too much, I could deal with shaping up my inner thighs a bit more.

  • Thank you!

  • Yes! It’d be pretty easy to DIY something similar!

  • Oh, I know! I can’t believe I’ve been blonde A YEAR! I mean, Ive had bright coloured hair since I was 17, thats 10 years of coloured hair, and it often didnt even stay that one colour for a year. I’m shocked that it’s been the same colour, and a normal one at that, for so long! But I couldn’t resist adding some colour.

  • Thank you! <3

  • Merinda Lyons

    Looks good thanks for sharing. I also like plus size @ http://www.isabellaspassion.com.au/sexy-little-things/plus-size-lingerie