Outfit - Jeans, tee and a Buffy jacket. Perfect comfy combo!


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Outfit – Jeans and tee!

December 6, 2017 Fashion Outfits

Oh hey, it’s me! You may not have recognised me due to the fact that I’m wearing jeans and a tee. Yes, it has been done. I’ve always envied people who can pull of the jeans & tee combo, who make it look comfortable and chic. Being apple shaped I’ve always felt that it didn’t suit me.

Outfit - Loot Wear Willow

But you know what, who cares? I’m all about body positivity, but I sometimes shy away from things that I feel make me look ‘fat’, which is stupid. I am fat. No matter what I wear, I’m going to be fat. The whole ideal ‘fat’ body image shits me. People accepting fat bodies because they have a flatter belly, huge boobs, small waist, big butt. There are way more types of fat bodies. Which is why I’ve tried to show mine.

Outfit - Loot Wear Willow

I admit, sometimes it is scary to do that, especially outside of the house. I’ve done it for the blog multiple times. I’ve worn lingerie (here), bikinis (here, here) and I actually do enjoy wearing crop tops and bodycon. But I still often shy away from showing my VBO. I’m going to work on it. I’m accepting of my fat body, why shouldn’t I show it off more.

Outfit - Loot Wear Willow

Ahem, anyway. On Monday, I met up with the ever so wonderful Alex, who I’ve known online for ages now. She’s visiting Melbourne from Perth and we managed to meet and do a spot of shopping. It must be the year of meeting Perth’s fine ladies, I also caught up with Lucy (who is bffs with Alex!) earlier in the year! So, Alex has always been a fashion inspiration to me, she speaks to my inner teen goth. Turns out, she’s a shopping enabler and encouraged me to pick up this tee in the men’s section of H&M. Sad story, they had matching comfy shorts, but only had small sizes left. I had images of me rocking the shirt & short combo channelling Taika Waititi vibes!

Outfit - Loot Wear Willow

Can we take a moment to talk about this jacket? This amazing, marvellous, stunning jacket. Yes, it’s a Buffy jacket with evil Willow on the back. I loved Buffy growing up, I had every episode bar one taped on VHS off the TV. I was that girl. I may have signed up to LootCrate again just for this jacket and I’m so glad I did! For anyone wanting sizing info, this is the 3xl on me.

Outfit - Loot Wear Willow

Top –H&M Mens || Jeans – River Island || Jacket – Lootwear || Boots – Betts
Earrings – Lovisa || Lipstick – Essence Cosmetics

Outfit - Loot Wear Willow

So here it is, me in jeans in a tee! I wore this (without the jacket & different lipstick) to the hospital yesterday and felt very comfortable!

Outfit - Loot Wear Willow

Are you a fan of the jeans and tee look?

  • Kathryn OHalloran
    December 6, 2017 at 1:51 pm

    I have so much jacket envy! That is fabulous.

    I never wear jeans. it’s not about the way they look because i’ll happily wear denim shorts. i just feel constricted in them. Same as I never wear jumpers only cardigans 🙂

  • Nessbow
    December 9, 2017 at 8:28 pm

    Jeans and a tee is pretty much my default outfit. If I’m unsure what to wear or if I’m in a bit of a mood, that’s what I tend to fall back on. And conversely I always envy people who can wear dresses and make it look effortless.

    That jacket is fantastic. I just want to stroke the satin and I’m loving the Willow homage on the back.