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Outfit – I should have been a unicorn!


 I have learnt that Melbourne is cold. Now, it’s not as cold as a lot of places in the world get, but it’s colder then Sydney. While I like the cold, i’m finding it a bit hard at times. I’ll admit that. What you don’t see in these pictures, is that I’m wearing my thick Sonsee stockings underneath my jeans. Also, knee high socks and two singlets. Yep. Layers.


I ventured into the city today to meet up with Cazz, an awesomesauce blogger who i’ve followed for ages now. I always get a bit shy and nervous about meeting new people, but I shouldn’t have worried. We checked out Daiso and then chatted over coffee for ages! Make sure you check her blog out, she’s going to be cosplaying as Rufio soon!


The thing I love about Melbourne, is everyone seems so accepting. Now, in a town that wears A LOT of black, this outfit does kinda stand out, yet I received 4 compliments! People just seem SO NICE!! By the way, you can’t read it, but my top says “I should have been a unicorn


Top – ASOS | Jacket – ASOS | Jeans – Boohoo | Boots – ASOS | Beanie – ASOS 
Badges on jacket – The Tiny Hobo | Cat bow on Beanie – Nerd Burger Jewellery | Scarf – Suzanne Grae