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Making the move to Melbourne!


Well, I’m back in Sydney, back to #thedarlingden and today I’ve been re-united with my kitty cat. I flew back in on Wednesday & made the guy sitting next to me & the stewardess laugh at me on the plane by getting super excited about seeing snow.

If you follow me on some of my social media channels, you probably already know, but…

I’m moving to Melbourne!

The past 8 weeks in Melbourne has pretty amazing. It’s a place I feel comfortable and accepted. A place where I feel I can be myself and not be judged. I felt more relaxed and at ease. I loved getting out and exploring. I loved having lady lunch dates with friends.

And now, the hard work begins. I keep sitting on my lounge, looking around and thinking “I have too much stuff”. It’s a bit overwhelming and very intimidating. I’m going to be doing a massive cull of ALL THE THINGS! Yep, including clothing!

My current to-do list looks a little like this:

  • Sort through my stuff & divide into ‘to sell’, ‘to donate’ and ‘to toss’ piles.
  • Photograph, price & set up store system to sell stuff.
  • Start looking at rental properties online around mid September.
  • Look into removals. Sydney to Melbourne.
  • Organise getting Tonka to Melbourne.
  • MOVE! Probably around the start of October.

If you have any recommendations for removals or such, let me know! I’m also going to be pretty brutal with my culling, so if there is any outfit you’ve seen me wear on the blog and you’d be interested in buying it, let me know!

Have you moved to a different state before?