A very seafood weekend!


I love seafood, in fact, Oysters are one of my favourite foods. I know they are one of the foods that a lot of people dislike, but not me, I’ve been eating them since I was young! My parents will tell stories about how I would be at a restaurant aged 6 ordering oysters.


For my last weekend here in Melbourne, my boyfriend decided we should have a seafood night, so he got up early Saturday morning and went to one of the local markets to pick up some fresh seafood. Turns out, he bought enough that we made a seafood weekend out of it!


Originally he planned to wrap the scallops in bacon, but then we kind of went “hey, why not kilpatrick ALL THE THINGS!”. I’d never actually had scallops kilpatricked, but it sounded like a good idea!


It wasn’t a good idea, it was a GREAT idea and they tasted a bit like heaven!


Next up, crabs! I admit, I found it all a bit fascinating. I’ve never really had crab, and i’ve never had the chance to see and touch a crab up close before. Well, apart from my many hermit crabs I used to own, though these blue swimmer crabs are much different!


 They actually have this weird rimming of hair on some of their legs! I did not however find it at all appealing having to pull it apart and luckily my boyfriend did all the icky parts of getting the meat out. While I do eat meat, and seafood, I do find manhandling meat and such hard. I feel blessed that I live in an environment that all that hard work is done for me. (I guess this is one big huge topic that everyone feels different ways about.)




We ended up making a crab and corn soup! I loved it! I was a little worried cause I often get a slight allergic reaction to a lot of shellfish, but I had no problems with this soup! Though I’ve realised i’m really not fussed on coriander.


Sunday was oysters! And yes, of course, we had them kilpatrick! I can eat oysters anyway, fresh, mornay, but my favourite by far is kilpatrick! I mean, bacon!


Friday I ducked out and bought a bottle of this Worcestershire Chutney by Beerenberg. I’d seen it a few days prior at a fresh food store and thought it would work even better on the oysters then just the normal worcestershire sause and OMG, this stuff is delicious!

I’m a huge fans of chutneys and I remember seeing a few of this brand at my local Woolies in Sydney. The branding attracted me, and then I noticed they were made in Adelaide, and one of my fave places in Adelaide, Hahndorf! After seeing all the stuff they have to offer, you better believe I’ll be making an order soon!


For dinner Sunday night, Michael crumbed up some flathead and panfried it. I didn’t get any pictures cause I was way too busy enjoying eatting it!

Do you like seafood? What is your all time favourite food!?

Nope, this isn’t a sponsored post for Beerenberg, I bought it all myself and just wanted to share the love, it was that good!