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Aussie Curves – Sparkle


With the way I’m attracted to anything that shines, glitters or sparkles, I think I must have been a magpie in a past life. I love sequins, gems and the latest trend of holographic items, when this skirt popped up on ASOS I fell in love, but was unsure if it would fit me.


One thing I’ve learnt is that you can’t rely on the numbers on clothing. My wardrobe houses items from a size 10 to 26. You need to learn your body shape and read descriptions of items. Many items have a LOT of stretch. I figured seeing as the skirt has an elastic waist and accordian pleats, there would be a good chance it would fit, and it does. It is the most glorious material, it catches the light brilliantly, changing colours and shining beautifully.


I had a bit of trouble stying it, then realised, I really just needed a plain top, to let it speak for itself. This top always makes me think of Jet Georgette (one of my blogger crushes), the comfy grey material paired with the pleather sleeves adds a bit of an ‘edge’ to the outfit.


I love these shoes, they are super comfy, though they do sometimes make squeaking sounds when I walk. I bought them a couple of years ago and they’ve had a lot of wear. I love that they are super easy to clean and they go with nearly anything!


Top – ASOS | Skirt – Monki via ASOS | Shoes – Mel | Necklace – IDS Fashion | Ring – City Chic


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