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Outfit – Reptilectic Panda


Depression often leaves me wanting to never leave the comfort of my bed, let alone the comfort of my pajamas  but life goes on, and sometimes the simple act of getting up and getting dressed can make you feel a little better. It’s all about comfort though, I don’t want to get frocked up, I want to still feel like i’m in my pajamas, but be more presentable.


Oh yes. I am wearing leggings as pants! I’d been lusting after these beauties by Harlow for awhile now, and in a moment of weakness I ordered them. I’m glad I did, they are SO comfy! I ordered the size L and I probably should have gone for the M, but i’m kind of in love with how comfy they are being just slightly too big. But I thought i’d mention sizing in case you want to buy yourself a pair.


When this jumper first came up on ASOS I let out squees of glee, SO CUTE! I ended up buying it was a $50 voucher I had. I think this will be getting a lot of wear in winter because it’s SO warm. I was actually surprised about the quality of the jumper actually, I mean, I love ASOS, but for $50 I wasn’t expecting something so thick, warm and lush!


Jumper – ASOS | Leggings – Harlow | Boots – Betts

Do you have any ‘go to’ comfort clothing?