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My Dream Birthday Outfit

 Do you ever just sit and imagine what you’d wear to a certain event? I think a lot of girls start doing that from a young age. Imagining yourself as a princess or ballerina, and then what you’d wear to your formal, your wedding. I know I often dream up outfits in my head.

With my birthday just around the corner, I thought i’d show you what I’d be wearing if I had a sugar daddy or a credit card. bday

Outta this world Bustier – $47.99 | Outta this world Skirt – $62.99 | Long sleeve shrug – $59.95
Lynn Hologram Sandals – $218 | Radiance Earrings – £55.00 | Radiance Ultra Necklace – £160.00
Full black stockings – $13.40

I am SO in love with this bustier & skirt set from ModCloth. Sadly, it’s not in stock yet, but LOOK at that print! Robots, spaceships, ray guns!!  It also goes up to a 3xl, which is around a size 24 in Australia!

Of course, my birthday is June 7th, which means it will officially be winter here, so I’d have to pull on some stockings and a shrug. To make the outfit pop even more, and to go with the galactic space feel, I’d pair it with these amazing holographic sandals, which have a closed toe. I refuse to wear open toes with stockings. Then of course some Tatty Devine jewellery. It’s my dream to own something Tatty one day!

In reality, i’ll probably just rock my onesie!

What’s your dream birthday outfit!?