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Aussie Curves – Pajamas


This weeks Aussie Curves theme of Pajamas was a bit hard for me this week, you see, I don’t tend to wear pj’s  I usually sleep in my underwear and a singlet top, all year long. Then I remembered I bought these pajamas a couple of weeks back and uh, dug through my laundry basket to pull them out.


Yes, I do have a giant picture of my face hanging over my bed. I really love the picture of my Mr Frodo and I. I remember debating about getting it printed and asked on twitter “Would it be very vain of myself to get a huge photo of myself & my dog printed?”. And most of the responses was “Do what YOU want, don’t care what other people think”. I actually got it printed in 2011, and it wasn’t until I moved into The Darling Den did I actually get to hang it.


I used to collect Owl things, that was until they became so popular that if I continued to collect everything I liked I’d be swimming in owl things, but when I found these pj’s in K-mart, I couldn’t resist. They are super soft and light weight, I can’t stand flannelette  and they have owls in beanies on them! They were super cheap too, I think they were like $14 or something.


Pajamas – Kmart | Socks – Kmart | Pillow Cases – ebay aussiecurvesnat disc02