Visiting my babies!

The last few months have been crazy weird. Ups and downs. Holidays. Emotions. It’s been strange. One thing I’ve constantly been feeling though, is missing my babies, so last week I booked tickets back to Adelaide to visit Ginny & Henry.

It’s been nearly 5 months since I had seen them. It’s the longest i’ve ever been without them. Lucking Adam and I are still pretty close, not to say it’s not a little weird and emotional, but it’s also good to be able to see him in person to talk about things.

I may have cried when I walked into the house and saw them for the first time. Ginny cried and then peed everywhere. She’s not left my side since I came in. She’s been very protective and demanding, which has meant time with Henry has been a little harder to get.

Henry would turn his head away from me when I talked to him, and then bit me when I went to pat him, before he gave me some licks and smooched his face against me & started to purr. Oh cats, they are weird! He did wake me up during the night by licking my armpit! Yes, I freaked out! It was a little strange!

Anyway, i’ll be here for the next fortnight! I’ll be visiting Adelaide Zoo and catching up with friends!