The Darling Den, an update!

We’ve started painting! YES! My sister and I headed out to Bunnings in search of white paint, so I could paint the wall behind where I was putting my wall units. Who knew that so many different shades of white existed!? I was waiting at the paint counter to get my paint tinted to the colour I wanted, only to be told that the colour I had picked was the base colour and I didn’t need anything done to my tin. Whoops. I’ve learnt i’m not really a painter. I had no idea what I was doing.

So, I put my sister to work! She has a steady hand and is a pretty amazing painter. I painted more the next day, without her, and well, the skirting boards have white paint on them now 😛 3 of the walls are a dull cream colour, and the feature wall was an olive colour. When it’s done, it will be all white, and the feature wall will be black and white striped. You can see my mock up of what I would love it to look like HERE.

Frodo decided he wanted to be the new Dulux dog! Here he is modelling the 2 colours i’ve picked for my wall. One thing I was really worried about was finding the box that housed all my ‘good’ shoes. Once I found it and unpacked it into a corner, I was much calmer.

My brother took me to get my bookcases. Fantastic Furniture wanted $60 for delivery when the new house is walking distance, so instead I paid my brother $20 to take me in his station wagon. 😛 My sister and I then spent the next couple of hours putting them all together. That’s probably not even a quarter of my books!

Who wants to come help me paint!?