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PRINCE! Sydney Concert and slight OOTD.

I’ve loved Prince for as long as I can remember, probably not something most would consider appropriate for an 8 year old to listen to, but with siblings 15 years older then me, i’ve always had different music taste. My sister was a Prince lover, and it was through her that I was introduced to him. Last month, my sister rang me, in near hysterics because Prince had announced an Australian Tour. I agreed to go with her, said yep, i’ll pay whatever, and let her go on her way.

My sister and I after the show, we walked up the stairs to get a picture of us in from of the stage.

She called back later and I nearly died as she said she got us tickets, at $550 EACH! Needless to say, even after my Uncle putting some money towards them, that I’m still paying back my sisters boyfriend. I love my sister, and getting to share this experience was worth ten times what it cost. Though, that money got us AMAZING seats, a $50 merch voucher, dinner and drinks.

Yes, my sister and I do have the same glasses, just in different colours. Pictures taken by my sister.

Photos weren’t permitted during the performance, and honestly, I was a bit lost in the whole thing to worry. I did take my phone out and take a quick snap at one stage.  We had 2nd row seating! The area in front of us was the tabled seating, which held the likes of Marcia Hines & James Packer. The photo below shows a picture of the stage and an arrow near where we were sitting, we were around 4 seats down. We had a great view, being just that slightly elevated, we could see him where ever he went on the stage!

The show was everything I could have wanted it to be. While a little mishap with his guitar, the performance was great. He really seemed to work off the audience. The man can certainly sing, dance & make music. I could lose hours watching him play guitar. Purple Rain lasted around 15 mintues! You can view the setlist at the end of THIS article.

This is what I intended to wear, though I realised it wasn’t going to drop cold enough for me to wear the jacket and swapped it for a lighter one. Get cold enough already so I can rock it! Dress and Jacket by Damn you Alexis.

I did my nails in Prince colours. Purple base with chunky gold glitter.

And just because I loved how my earrings looked last night! My right ear.