Sometimes I’m comfortably unfashionable!

These photos were taken in April, when my parents, nephew & I went to our holiday place at Greenwell Point. I didn’t originally share these photos, I guess, because it wasn’t a ‘great outfit’. This was me, with a broken foot, cold, just wanting to be comfortable. Sure, I’ve shown some of my more daggier outfits, but I think I  as just in a funk and not liking what I saw. I think we all go through times like this.

Looking back now, eh, it’s me. I was in a lot of pain, but I was having fun. I was surrounded by beauty, I love Greenwell Point, no matter how many times I visit, i’m always in awe of how pretty it is. Plus, I love the pelicans. Frodo is still somewhat scared of them, understandable seeing as one of them was nearly as tall as me!

The area has a great walking track, with jetties all along. Mum took some snaps of Caleb and I mucking around on one of our walks with the dogs. Above, he was running to give me a hug… or maybe push me into the water! Oh, and yes, I’m wearing denim! These are the first proper blue jeans i’ve owned in, I don’t know, 10 years! I picked them up on super sale at Dorothy Perkins. While I still find jeans a little weird to wear, they were great for the cold weather.

As far as we know, Emily had never seen water like this before. She found it rather interesting, but wouldn’t go near it. Frodo however was like “water, whatever”. He’s swum in the ocean before, this didn’t bother or interest him in the slightest.

Nobody was hurt in the taking of this picture. I was just pretending to kick him. I’m also out of my boot for the majority of the time now! I just have to wear it at times when my foot is aching, which is great seeing as my back is mucking up! If it’s no one thing, it’s another!

In case you were wondering what i’m wearing, i’ve listed it below. Everything i’m wearing is still available, and if you put ‘DPVIPE‘ into the coupon code you’ll get 25% off. (Expires 20/05/12)

  • UNDERSHIRT – Dorothy Perkins
  • SHIRT – c/o Dream Diva
  • JEANS – Dorothy Perkins