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Plus size in Supre!

SUPRE! I gave up looking in Supre years ago when it started stocking only sizes 4XS-L. A handful of things went up to a XL, but not much. I think that before the last few months, I’d bought one thing (a scarf) in the last 5 years. With the oversized trend though, I started looking in the more ‘straight’ sized stores. My sister picked up some great oversized tops for $15 & I decided to venture in to have a look.

This top, which has been in a few OOTD was the first thing I picked up. It’s an XL, but recently, they’ve also added some XXL things in! I’d been eyeing the leggings for awhile, but could never find an XXL in my local store, so last week while in the City with Caitlin, I ducked in to try a pair on and BINGO! Hello my lovelies, you are coming home with me!

One of the good things about the leggings, is they come in a ‘high waisted’ option, which for someone with a belly, works better for me. Add to the fact they were on sale that night for $15 and I couldn’t refuse them. The black and white striped ones (which you only have phone cam pics of cause they are in the wash) seem to be not as stretchy as the cosmic print. I think it’s due to the way they are dyed.


I should probably apologise for looking like a mess, I spent the morning moving some stuff to #thedarlingden. I’m also working with limited wardrobe, so this isn’t probably how i’d style these pieces, but I wanted to show of the items while they are still available!

I’m actually doing something I don’t normally do in these photos, which is show off my arms. It is one area that I still don’t feel comfortable on show. While I accept my body and have learnt to love myself, I feel much more comfortable and confident with a shrug on. Oh, and that skirt is actually a singlet 😛

I LOVED the pattern on this top, which is actually a ‘swing dress’. It’s supposed to be super oversized so you can show off your fancy neon bra or swimsuit underneath. I went to pick up the L, but when I got home realised I’d picked up the M, so ladies, here it is in the medium. This was $22, and I figured it’s about the same price for a plain printed tunic top for Big W or that.

It does however have a low back. It works well with my favourite bra, however that was in the wash, and my others didn’t work. So yes, these pictures are of my boobs in their ‘natural’ state. It’s light and airy for summer and I was planning to wear it as a tunic over some of my leggings as it covers enough butt.

OUTFIT DETAILS: Purple singlet – K-mart | Mesh top –  TS14+. | Shoes – Wanted | Skirt – Actually a singlet from Target | Shoes – Some store in NZ | Bangles – Lou & Chow

Have you bought anything from Supre lately!?