OOTD: Print clashing layers!

It’s not been since I worked at Conventions that i’d been up and dressed by 9am on a Sunday, but today, much to Mr Frodo’s displeasure I was up and out of the house by 8:50am! My parents and I were heading up to the base of the Blue Mountains. Knowing it gets colder (It was around 15°c) I figured i’d layer, layer, layer. I never feel I can do layers ‘right’, but seeing pictures on The Carpenters Daughter facebook always inspires me to try.

  • LEGGINGS – Autograph (Not Seen)
  • MAXI DRESS – Big W
  • PINK SHEER LONG SHIRT – City Chic (On sale for $20 HERE!)
  • BLACK LONG CARDI – Old, I think it’s from K-mart.
  • CIRCLE SCARF – K-mart
  • BELT – Dorothy Perkins
  • BOOTS – Payless Shoes
  • BAG – ASOS

The weather was pretty dreary, and I didn’t have my camera, so I got my Mum to take these quick snaps after a McDonalds lunch. Oh, can I just take a minute to say I do not understand the ‘McRib’. Now, I know it’s popular in America, but this is the first time that i’ve seen it offered in Australia (Its an Olympic special). I see it, and just think ‘no’. I mean, I love ribs, yum, but on a burger, how does it work?