New Year, New Outfit!

Sorry for the brief disappearance, I took a well needed break away from everyday life. It’s amazing how reliant I’ve become on the internet. The first day with hardly any reception left me feeling rather anxious. After 10 days, I came home & wish I hadn’t. Real life, pfft, why can’t I hang by the lake, or the beach or stroll beautiful gardens all the time? Maybe i’ll have to look into moving!

I hope you all had an amazing New Years, I spent NYE with one of my best friends from High School, having a few drinks & watching fire works. It was rather pleasant.

At Greenwell Point one of the things I pack for is comfort & coverage. Seeing it’s summer here in Australia it’s been getting rather hot, but as it’s close to the lake & beaches, it gets some cool breezes. I burn super easy so I always make sure to wear sunscreen.

So this is one of my more relaxed casual outfits, yes, I’m wearing pants! Shock, horror! I found these pants at Be Me in Nowra’s Rockmans. I’m not a fan of pants on myself, I can never seem to find ones that I like the look of on me, but I couldn’t pass up on the colour of these. It’s this bright colour that I can’t quite tell if it’s pink or orange, but sometimes almost red. Plus, they were $20 down from $60.

  • BLOUSE – Crossroads
  • SINGLET – Jay Jays (Black, worn underneath)
  • 3/4 PANTS – Be Me (In Rockmans)
  • SHOES – Andre
  • HAT – Calburra Beach Markets for $5!
  • RINGS – Gifts
  • CHIPPED NAIL POLISH – My laziness.