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Hospital, Health & Hooters.

I’ve been admitted to hospital more in my 26 years, then most people in their life. I’m almost ‘used’ to them, I know my way around Blacktown Emergency department. I’m not used to being the support person of someone waiting to be seen though. On Wednesday, I spent 9 hours with my sister and her boyfriend, waiting, after she was told to go to the hospital for a suspected heart attack. She’s okay.

I’m calm under pressure, when my Mother had her major heart attack, I remained calm and on the phone with a paramedic, doing everything to help my Mum, while my Dad paced & waited for the ambulance out the front. Wednesday, I sat around, trying to keep my sister from growing too anxious or impatient, which wasn’t easy to do. I’ve never felt more frustrated with a hospital, but I know it can be like that, even worse at times. She was admitted, but they didn’t have any beds for her, so she had to wait in the waiting room. They wanted to keep her overnight but they didn’t know when or if she’d get a bed.

It’s not until later, when it all hits, and I cry. I feel emotionally and physically drained. The tests all came back looking fine and my sister signed herself out about 9pm. I crawl into bed having only eaten a sandwich all day and my mind races. I can’t lose my sister. I just can’t. I know death is inevitable, and with an age gap of like 15 years, I may just see that day, but not now. Please don’t take anyone from me now.

Yesterday, I finally made my way to the doctors, after nearly 6 weeks of having my period. That’s not helped with my emotional stability. I’m on a new pill, I was given a sample to try as it’s expencive, $72 every 3 months, but if it helps. I’ll add that to the other 5 tablets a day I take. I had bloods taken, it’s first time my Doctor has done it himself and he was good. My veins hide, they don’t like to give blood, sometimes I nearly faint. Yesterday, with a butterfly needle, my body filled 4 viles within a minute. I didn’t even get close to fainting, thankfully. Next up, an ultrasound.

Now to leave up on a more amusing note, the new place we are moving to, has a Hooters restaurant nearby. I’ve told a couple of people I was going to go apply for a job and the majority of them replied with “You wouldn’t get it, you’re boobs aren’t big enough”. Dammit. Maybe I should invest in a super amazing double triple padded bra.