New house & a poll!

I’ve mentioned in passing that we are moving, the ‘we’ being my parents and I. It’s a bit of a mixed reaction, I am very excited about the move and the fact that the place we are moving to will give me my indipendence with a sort-of granny flat. Sad though, because the house we are moving from is the house I grew up in. I’ve lived here since I was around 4, it has a lot of memories. It is, however WAY to be, it’s tri-level, with a pool, and the stairs are bit too much for my parents as they are getting older.

This is the house we put an offer in on, and it was accepted, so fingers crossed, we shall be moving in the next 8 or so weeks. Our house will be on the market the end of this week. Above is my bedroom, I already have it planned out in my head, that back wall is going to be a black & white striped featured wall. My sister has already offered up her help, we both have always had a passion for interior design. We plan to pull up a corner of the carpet to see what’s underneath it, if it’s floorboards, the carpet is GOING!

This is my lounge room/kitchenette, which i’m kind of unsure of, as what to do. I know I need a LOT of storage,  so my sister and I will be brainstorming. I have my own little area, pretty much self suffient. Seperate entry, though I have a door which takes me into my parents house. Below is a little floor plan I made up from memory. Oh, and this means that I MAY get a cat!


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I want to know what YOU, the readers, want to see. I know I’m going to be excited and doing a lot of ‘inspiration’ boards, as ID is something i’m passionate about, but do you want updates? Do you want to see how things progress, any great scores I make, good deals, amazing furniture? Vote in the poll, or comment to let me know.