Aussie Curves – Knits

This post nearly didn’t happen, but I really don’t like missing out on Aussie Curves! Looking over my pile of clothes that I haven’t packed to go to the new place, I was pretty sure I had no knitwear, that was until I remembered I had my all time favourite jumper on the clothes line!

Sure, it’s daggy, it’s a few sizes to big & it’s over 10 years old now, but makes me love it more. I bought it from a discount reject shop type store for around $10. In my teens I was obsessed with the UK and would buy up anything with the Union Jack on it.

This is a typical ‘around the house’ kind of look, not something I’d wear out, but it’s comfy!

  • JUMPER – Some store many years ago!
  • SHORTS – Crossroads
  • SHOES – Andre