Weekly Wishlist! The cute & colourful edition!

Yes, it’s true, I love black, but I seem to have caught a colour fever. It’s starting to get colder here & I want to hold fast to bright colours before it all starts getting dark really early!

KUMACRAFTS – Sugarbunnies Heart Pendant – $40 us
Super cute! Etsy has some amazing things & this store is full of cute necklaces!

SOLESTRUCK – Jeffrey Campbell Lita in Lavender Suede – $159.95 us
Ah, the JC Litas. Now in something like 49 different colours and styles! I love the new lavender colour they have released! SO PRETTY!

HAWAIIKAWAII – Scary Mary Cat Shirt – $22.90us
Every since I got my cat jumper i’ve been in love with cute cat shirts! Vampire cat! Yes please!

IMYOURPRESENT – Kitten  Bow Cameo Earrings – $10us
These earrings MUST be mine. I’m so close to buying them. Maybe. What do you think?

JANINEBASIL – Burlesque fascinator heart – $95us
Glitter, check. Love heart, check. Super cute, DING DING DING! I’m thinking of trying to make myself something similar.

LOCKETSHIP – Unicorn Rainbow Necklace – $140
One word. UNICORN!

TORRID – Floral Halter Pocket Dress – $68 us
One of my favourite dresses is a floral dress, so I’m wanting to add some more floral dresses into my wardrobe. I love the colours in this. It’d work with most of the hair colours I end up having!

YOURS – Floral Print Tunic – £30.00 uk
Yours have hit it right on the nail with the cute floral trend. I love the neck frills on this.

ASOS – Chiffon Kaftan Dress – $72.10 au
While it’s not floral, I keep eyeing this. I love the bright colour and how it flows.