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Sunday Shopping – Slight OOTD post!

I’ve been in a real outfit slump. It’s crazy. I don’t know if my fashion is changing or if it’s just the change in seasons, but it took me over an hour to find something to wear today.  My boyfriend thought maybe my closet had collapsed in on me. I finally settled on all black.

We went shopping at Marion today, a place I haven’t been to in probably about a year. Adam is currently trying to get his hours up to get his license, so we keep thinking of places to drive. Marion is just over an hour away, so off we went with his parents & nephew.

I LOVE Best & Less. I am so in love with the brand ‘Lilly & Lou’. I really wish we had a B&L at my local shopping center but the closet one is a little hard to get to via bus, just wait until Adam gets has his license, i’m sure to be broke! I picked up this super cute cropped jumper with exposed back zipper, my MIL was so happy I bought something in cream! Also a long black skirt with belt, I have a feeling I shall be wearing this skirt A LOT! All up, $56 thank you very much!

I wish I could just invite everybody over and have a clothing/shoe sale. I want to do a closet clean out but the thought of putting it all on ebay is driving me bonkers. I did try and start up a blog shop like some blogs have, but argh, so much work! So basically, if you’ve seen something I’ve worn and you like it, feel free to comment or email asking about it and what you’d pay.

I’m also set up a couple of ads on my blog. My main adverts are through nuffnang, but I’ve opened up some space for small places if they wish to advertise their blog or shop. You can find out more info on advertising, click here!