OOTD – Black as night!

I told you I was going to wear this skirt a lot! What can I say, I couldn’t resis

I spy with my little eye a white kitty watching! Henry was watching me the entire time, I’m sure his thoughs were along the line of “Muuuum, what are you doing!?”. I’m sure I do look a little strange running back and forth from the carema on a tripod. Oh how I wish for a remote.

Serious face! LOL! I may not be looking too happy in these pictures due to the fact that I was in pain! The night before I tipped the chair I was sitting on over. Then Henry decided seeing Mummy was on the floor it was the best time to jump all over her. Damn cat! Needless to say, I am very sore!

  • JUMPER – City Chic
  • CLOAK – Yours
  • SKIRT – Best & Less
  • BOOTS – ModCloth

This cloak is going to get worn to death this winter! I picked it up in the recent Yours sale and I love it! It’s great to just chuck on over anything & is super warm!