Partial Hiatus – OUCH!

I mentioned quickly in my last post that I was silly enough to tip myself over in my chair & was sort of tender. I’m not tender anymore, I’m in a lot of pain. Come Wednesday I couldn’t walk properly due to my back being sore.

I rested, but it didn’t get better. In fact it only seemed to get worse, so last night I set off to the doctors. He prescribed me rest, panadine forte & x-rays first thing the next day. The panadine forte helped, as you’d hope it would. I really thought it was feeling better this morning, but no. So I went and had the x-rays. So, my body hates pain, so much so that once I get to a certain point, it shuts down. Needless to say, I nearly fainted in the bathroom after having the x-rays! I managed to stumble out & collapse on a couch, which had my friend running for the nurses & me being given a ride in a wheelchair.

The doctor couldn’t see any obvious breaks or fractures, so i’ve been given some anti-imflamitories to try and bring down all the swelling and bruising and then back to the doctors on Tuesday for the official x-ray report. Until then, I’ve been told strict bed rest.

So, I may be able to still do updates, but it may be a little time before I’m able to do Outfit of the Day