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Fat Positive Manatee!

August 7, 2011

I’ve recently stumbled across a new favourite Tumblr blog. Fat Positive Manatee. Totally in love. I figure my spirit animal would probably be a manatee or dugong. So combining a few of my favourite things, animals, and love of fat, is something right up my alley! Check it out HERE! But I’ve posted a couple of my favourites below!

Pet Peeve – It really frustrates me when a person tells me I’m not fat. I have no problems being who I am, I know i’m fat. But when someone says to me “You’re not fat”, I just kind of give them a quizzical look and ask “Really?”. FAT IS NOT A BAD WORD, unless it’s used in a hateful way.

  • I think people avoid using the term ”fat” because it’s been thrown around as such a negative word for so long, you know? (I know that I would never call somebody fat! For starters, I don’t really notice anyone’s weight, but also, a person’s size is none of my business, and commenting on it would make me feel like an evasive jerk!) I definitely think that we should move towards recognising that everyone (regardless of their shape, colour, skin, whatever!) is beautiful, though 🙂

  •  I love this!  Dugongs are awesome and I’ve been love ever since I first saw one. They are fat and beautiful in equal measure.

  • One of my best friends, a gorgeous fat man, adores manatees also.  He has a tee shirt with a picture of a manatee that says, “Oh, the huge manatee!” which he wears, often and proudly.  I love it.

  • Eloise Verlaque

    I read somewhere that manatees and dugongs often float on top the water and in the old days sailors would see them from a distance and this is where the stories of mermaids came from…..so there you go, to some people you might look like a manatee, to others you look like a beautiful mermaid 🙂

  • Moe

    I like belugas a little more but there is something mystical about manatees.

    It is all in the tone isn’t it? And what other words people choose to put with it. I have always wondered when “fat cow” became an insult. I love cows and think they are beautiful, sweet, and gentle looking. But somehow these too words together have turned into an insult.

    “Thunder thighs” makes me cringe though. I can’t get over that one, too much history there.

  • It is the tone. The way the word is used, the meaning behind it, means everything. Cows are great! Just like whales, I think there is something ethereal & majestic about whales, for such huge creatures they have a certain charm and grace!

    Everyone has certain insults that make them cringe. *hugs*

  • I heard that too! And aww, that is such a great thought! Shall remember that! It needs to be on a plaque! 

  • Oh that shirt sounds amazing! When I was in Melbourne last month, I stayed with friends who had a giant stuffed Manatee they let me snuggle named Hugh!!

  • They are! I love them so much and that tumblr just made me squee!

  • I completely agree. Everyone is beautiful. I think the word ‘fat’ does have a lot of negativity around it, but it is a word I’ve come to embrace as a way of dealing with bullying. I am fat, I know that. At the end of the day, I like who I am, I try and be the best person I can be & I don’t think that my weight stops me from being beautiful.