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24 hour blonde!

Since deciding on growing my hair longer, I’ve been a good girl in regards to bleach. I used to change colours often & would bleach the previous colour out. My hair ended up just saying ‘NO’. Now, I generally just do my regrowth.

Every few months though, I give the rest of the hair a light run through. I let the colour fade out and lighten it. This results in me being blonde, usually only for 24 hours at the most. Honestly, I think I look horrid as a blonde!

Oh, did I mention I got a hair cut? My Mum didn’t think it was too noticeable, but I got around 2 inches cut from the length! The ends really needed a trim!

Nope, i’m not staying blonde. No, I’m not going back to pink! I need to dye my hair ASAP and the only colour I have on hand is… well, you will have to wait and see!

Look who I have! Mister Frodo! If you didn’t know, I spent last week in Adelaide packing up all my stuff (Close to 40boxes, eesh!) and having it shipped off back ‘home’ to Sydney.

I know I said in a previous post that I would be bringing Frodo & Ginny home with me, but in the end, after a lot of consideration, only Frodo has joined me. It really broke my heart yesterday leaving Ginny & Henry, but in the end I think it will be what works out best for them.