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August 1, 2011

It’s been forever since I’ve done an around the web post & seeing as I will be busy the upcoming weeks I thought I’d link up some of my favourite blogs to keep you going, just in case my posting dies down a little.

Ze Zaftig – Sarah is my current girl crush. She has such a positive outlook and killer style!

The Plus Side of Me – Rebecca is so gorgeous and I wish I had the style to wear pants like she does. She is my jean wearer inspiration!

Nessbow – In one word, Ness is adorabubble! The thing I adore about Vanessa is that she is so eclectic. She isn’t afraid to wear whatever she wants & some of the outfits she puts together are nothing short of genius! She’s a bit of a geek too & I always enjoy her posts in which she uses pop culture as influence. Rocky Horror, Tank Girl, Harry Potter! YES PLEASE!

Curves to Kill – Teer, oh Teer. This lady is STYLE. She is the curvy Australian version of Dita Von Teese & I’m utterly in awe of her. Her blog is always full of amazing high quality images and it never fails to have me *right-click-saving* for my style love folder!

Frock & Roll – I’d stumbled across Frock&Roll a couple of times before, but didn’t pay too much attention. (I think the layout frustrated me, I admit, I’m a layout/design snob) but after a twitter comment & taking the time to look a little more, I added Corrine’s blog to bloglovin. A week later I was left thinking “Why didn’t I do this sooner!?!”. This blog is a must read for great content. I’m also really loving her ‘Thank Frock it’s Friday’ posts!

Fat Heffalump – I’m not very good at expressing my emotions, my feelings, but FH is someone I look up to in regards of having her say. Her blog is such an amazing source of great plus size positive articles. I strive in hope, that one day I can have even a percentage of writing skill. She also has an amazing coloured tights collection & will often rock coloured hair!

Closet Confessions – Caitlin is an amazing lady who i’ve had the pleasure of meeting. I’m also hoping to spend more time with her in the future! She’s a lady who shares a lot of the same fashion & passions as me!

  • Gaah! Thankyou so much for including me. I feel truly honoured to be listed amoung a group of wonderfully stylish ladies.

  • Awww, NATALIE! Thank-you so much, lovely! What an honour! I *adore* your blog (and Nessbow’s, which I’ve recently stumbled across and l-o-v-e)!

    ALSO! I’m planning a complete bloggy overhaul in November, so any feedback you have in regards to how I can make it less frustrating is SUPERB. Would it help if all of my posts were displayed in entirety on the homepage? I’m taking notes!

  • kathryn

    Some amazing blogs.

    By the way, I had a dream last night that I met you and we were chatting about blogging and dogs. Weird, huh!

  • I’ts awesome reading your posts, and I’m spreading the love by nominating you for the‘One Lovely Blog’ award. Check out my blog for details! YAYYYYY!!


  • Oh Natalie! Thank you so much! I’m really honoured.

  • Thank you, Natalie! Quite an honor to be amongst those ladies and up on your blog :). And now I’ve got some new blogs to snoop around. <3

  • Anonymous

    Awe, babe!! Thanks for sharing a terrible picture of me! You are such a doll! I can’t wait for us to hang out soon! <3


  • Thank you so much! What a huge honor… seriously! So shocked and hard blushing right now Thank you!

    Sarah Rose

  • Hee, no problems sweety! I’ve been really enjoying your blog!

  • I really like the picture (& the dress!!)

  • I really love your blog! Hope you find some other interesting readsamongthe listed!

  • THANK YOU for writing such an amazing blog!

  • Hee, two things I love! Blogging and dogs!!

  • Glad you like my blog! Really enjoying getting into yours!

  • You are amazingly stylish, I’m often in awe of your outfits and often try to draw inspiration from them. You pair things together like a pro, things I would never think would go together, you dare to try and it looks fantastic!

  • Teer Wayde

    Oh honey thank you so much for the feature and the sweetest compliment ever!