Autograph Week!

On July 13th, Autograph invited me to go instore to try out some of their new season’s stock. I had such a great time & walked away with so much info, content & love for the store & it’s product, I decided to dedicate a week to Autograph.

My Honest Thoughts on Autograph

I’d always take the time to check out my local Autograph store, but it was often a rare occasion that I would find something I would fall in love with. I would often pick up every day essentials like leggings or plain tees, but I used to find some of the items geared towards the more mature woman. I’ve never had to wear corperate clothing, so I’d often felt a little left out in the store.

Not anymore! The Autograph fashion team have listened to it’s audience and have branched out into offering more on trend pieces in a variety of colours, textures & fabrics. They’ve also expanded to offer shoes in a wider foot & calf width!

I find there sizing generous & often need to remind myself to size down, if you can pop into a store, at least once, to get an idea on sizing, i’d recommend that. I usually take a size 16 – 18 in Autograph sizing.

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