Outfit of the Day

Awhile ago, you may remember a story about a doomed love affair with an ASOS Curve Dress (Read Here). Due to distance (Actually, currency conversion) I believed that I’d never be able to own the dress. Watching the ASOS sale, when my beloved dress dropped from $85 to $41, I jumped at the chance to own it.

Que me impatiently waiting for it to make the trip from the UK to Australia. It was faster then the first ASOS order I made, but oh how I loathe how far Australia is to the rest of the world.

I wore it out last Thursday to do grocery shopping, pairing it up with a long sleeved grey tee underneath & thick stockings. Today, as it was nice, I wore it plain. I ‘gothed’ it up with my boots. I love the versatility of the dress! Make it classy with heels, dress it down with some boots! It’s super dooper comfy, the overlay of lace is so very soft!

This year, i’m embracing every aspect of my body. Even the parts that I am not so fond of. This means, showing off my ‘tuck shop lady’ arms. I’ve always been a little paranoid about showing my arm fat, but this summer, i’m going to rock it.

  • ASOS Curve Lace Up Back Dress – Size 24 – NOW £14.00!
  • Boots – Betts