My Family!

Well, seeing as they are a huge part of my life, I thought I’d do a little intro post into my little family. This house consists of Me, my partner Adam & our two kiddies, Frodo & Ginny. Yes, they are dogs!

Name– Frodo Dobby Baggins
Nickname– Fro. Fro-diddy. Fro-Bags. Lil Man. Man Beast.
Age – Turns 8 in July!
Breed – Dachshund x Mini Foxy.
Frodo is my baby. He’s been my best friend and hasĀ been by my side during some of my hardest times. He’s a healer. He seems to know when people are sick & will stay by their side no matter what. He suffers from separation anxiety. He loves white fluffy toys, playing fetch and eating chicken.

Name– Virginina ‘Ginny’ Pig
Nickname – Ginny. Piggy. Pig-Pig. Gin-Gin.
Age – Turns 5 in September.
Breed– Mini Pinscher.
Ginny is her Daddies girl. She’s a very dominant little girl & is forever ruling over Frodo. She even tries to fight dominance over our in laws husky, to little success! She doesn’t like me getting attention from Adam, but when Adam’s not home she always wants my attention. She got the name Pig for being a pig! She’s always scouring the place for food. She will eat pretty much anything she can find. Ginny likes yellow toy ducks, stealing toys off of Frodo so he can’t play fetch and eating.

Do you have any animals? I love animals, I often think I like animals more then humans. I’d love to have an ache of land filled with animals!