Life Currently!


Sorry for the lack of updates. Life has been happening lately and the blog has been on the back burner a little. I’m currently back in Sydney, due to a family member being ill. I’m unsure when I’ll be back in Melbourne. I was originally only staying Tuesday to Tuesday, but I may end up staying an extra 2 weeks as more tests and such need to be done.


Comfortable attire for waiting around hospitals. I’m wearing a Big W dress, City Chic pink shirt-dress and my Black Milk galaxy cape. I hadn’t put my shoes on at this point, but they were my ASOS glitter gum boots.

Apart from obvious stress, it’s nice being back in Sydney. I had been a little home sick, so it’s nice staying with my parents. I’m hoping I may get to see a few other family members whilst I’m here.


The whole getting to Sydney part was a bit of an adventure. In case you didn’t know, Sydney has had the worst storm in 8 years! (Just look at some of these pictures!) I left my house at 7:30am to catch a 11:20am flight. I arrived at the airport to find my flight had been delayed until 3pm. Tiger’s airport terminal in Melbourne is pretty minimal. A coffee shop, a cafe and a newsagent. Plus the worlds most uncomfortable chairs. I ended up laying on the ground for a time cause it was more comfortable. Also, $10 for a sandwich and $4.50 for a bottle of water.

Thankfully the flight did board around 3pm and the flight was pretty good considering. Some pretty crappy terbulance near landing and the whole plane clapped when we landed. The weather outside was abysmal, and my train ride to Penrith was 45 minutes longer then normal. I was lucky that the trains were still running tbh. I arrived at my parents house just after 7pm. So it took me nearly 12 hours to get from Melbourne to Sydney!


I’ve had lots of Aussie cuddles though, and Betsy was excited to see me too. I do miss my parents dogs! The header image is of Mr Tonka, who is back in Melbourne, probably complaining about the weather. He HATES the cold, and has already started wanting his jumper on, and has recently discovered what a heater is!

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