Clothing Review – Dream Diva

After my post the other day about Dream Diva, I was contacted by them & given the opportunity to choose an item to review! YAY! So after scouring the site, asking my boyfriends opinion, I slowly narrowed it down to the Sensational Sequined Party Dress. What can I say, it’s my two favourite colours & covered in sequins. This dress was made for me!!

Presentation was pretty! I love how a lot of items bought online have beautiful presentation! It came wrapped in layers of dream diva crete paper, placed  inside a clear plastic bag with the site address. (See above). I honestly don’t think the picture on the site does this dress the justice it deserves! It comes with optional straps, which is great because I have the problem that I don’t have the boobage to hold up most strapless dresses! Whilst taking the photos however, I didn’t have any problems with that as the inside lining has a ‘stay up’ band. I don’t know the official name of it, but it’s like what you find at the top of stay up stockings, a sort of plastic that helps keep things in place.

It made me feel like a princess, so what better way then to dress up as one! The picture on the left is how I’d wear it out, but trying to use a self timer on a camera + stilettos + uneven pavement = bad idea. So I changed into my scuff arounds. I’m channeling early Lily Allen.

The under slip has a a few layers of tulle underneath to give it extra poof. It’s a soft tulle, not that scratchy stuff, but all you feel is the silky nylon under layer. It’s very comfortable. The bodice are has two bones. The sash is gorgeous! It’s super-de-duper long!

Trying to get a picture of the sequined design on the dress. The only thing I find slightly annoying on this dress is that without a shrug, the sequins rub underneath my arms. But that is the case with any sequined items I own. Once I put on a shrug it will be perfect (plus I like to cover my arms when I’m out in public).

I was unsure as to what size to get. Looking at the clothing chart online I was somewhere in between the 22 & 24, so mentioning that, they advised the 24. It’s a great fit. A little loose around the top, but as I always have this problems with plus size clothing as I’m only a C cup.

Inside I am happy, but as I mentioned, I have the flu. All up, I am in love with this dress. I no longer have to worry about what to wear on my birthday, as I have the perfect dress! Thanks to Dream Diva for giving me the chance to review this item! I shall definitely be buying from them in the future!

  • Dress – Dream Diva – Size 24 – $149
  • Pink Shoes – Target – Size 8
  • Blue Scuffs – Kmart – Size  9 – $6!
  • Earrings – Diva – $39.99
  • Wig – Ebay