Frodo Update!

Thanks to everyone who donated, Frodo was able to have his X-rays & Dental care done yesterday. We dropped him off at the vet in the morning (after trying to get Ginny out of the car, turns out she’s scared of cats!) and picked him up at 4:30. He came out to great me excitedly with a green spotty scarf around his neck, very suave. Frodo loves to dress up, so he would have loved that. I was so anxious all day, so it was good to have him back. After the excitement, he ended up getting groggy and falling asleep in the car, obviously not all the sedation hadn’t worn off yet.

Turns out, it’s not what they previously thought, instead it’s a Luxating Patella. He also has arthritis around the joints, so he is in a lot of pain. He needs to have surgery, which will include deepening the groove in which the patella sits, as well as tightening the muscle around the area. He will have to stay in overnight and then 6 weeks of limited movement after surgery.

The surgery is $1500. Yep. And the sooner he has it, the better. I’m going to cash is some of the shares my grandfather left me to travel with, to help pay for it. It’s the only way I can think of paying for it, and really, Frodo is worth it and so much more!