2010 was a hard year. I think i’ve come a long way. I’ve had to deal with death  multiple times, something I’ve not really had too much to do with before. My mental health has been good & bad. I’ve met some brilliant people & grown close to some even more amazing friends.

My family & I are not really doing anything tonight. It’s been 43°c (109.4°f) here in Adelaide today, so we are staying in. We had some really yummy Chinese food and are going to watch a movie!

I hope you all have a wonderful & safe New Years Eve!! See you all in 2011!!

CONVENTIONS, STAGEPLAYS & CONCERTS ATTENDED:Amanda Palmer – Stargate – Wicked – Lady Gaga – Twilight – The Vampire Diaries – Stargate – True Blood – Armageddon – Wayne Brady

GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN: Grandmama. My neice Katie. Harrison.

ADDED TO THE FAMILY: My Great Nephew Dean. Our new kitten Henry.

STYLE OBSESSIONS: Jeffrey Campbell Shoes. Anything from ASOS Curve.