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    Weekly Wishlist

    DOROTHY PERKINS – Bird Print Peplum Top –  £27.00 – I have to admit that I’ve been having a love affair with Dorothy Perkins. I’ve bought a few things from the recently and they keep bringing out stock I love. I even bought a pair of jeans from them! I’ve been loving a lot of things that I would never have seen as ‘me’ months ago. I’ve always loved colours from the ‘cool palette’, but i’ve been drawn to autumn colourings and yes, even cream! Oh, don’t forget to check out DP, they have 20% off shoes at the moment! SOLESTRUCK – She Cray – $119 us – I just really love these…

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    Star Wars themed Christmas!

    Why yes, they are Star Wars themed Christmas ornaments & I NEED THEM! I’d have the lights up all year round, and how amazing is the Yoda tree topped!! They also have an R2-D2 nut cracker! WANT! I left all my Christmas stuff in Adelaide, so I will have to start collecting things again. I’ll hopefully be able to pick up a tree in the after Christmas sales (Black, of course!). But if you are as crazy geeky as I am, and want to snap up these babies, I found them at Neato Shop.

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    Straight sized clothing for plus size woman!

    I know a few plus size ladies who won’t even walk into straight sized clothing, I admit, I used to be a little guilty of this. The thing is, I never thought that there would be anything inside the store that would fit my right thigh, let alone all of me! I’ve changed though, and with the current ‘oversized’ trend that is happening, I’ve found bountiful treasures in straight sized clothing stores!  For example THIS dress is a size 14! Now, as you can see, i’m closer to a size 24 then 14 but it fits! Most days I don’t even look at sizes. You know your body best! You know…