Melbourne to Sydney Vlog

I admit, this may be a little boring for some. I know I enjoy seeing the scenery and the likes from overseas, so if you’re not from Australia, you may find this fascinating. This is a super sped up version of the journey I ┬átake from Melbourne to Sydney. I do this trip a couple of times a year to visit family.

The video starts from Southern Cross Station on the Sky Bus. I was lucky and got front row on the double decker. My trip started around an hour earlier, when I caught a bus, and then train to get to Southern Cross, but didn’t think to film until the Sky Bus. I flew Virgin, and then caught the express country train out to my parents in Penrith. Then I was greeted by my parent’s dogs, Aussie and Leo.

If you want, you can view this over on Youtube HERE, be sure to give it a thumbs up or comment if you enjoyed!