A garage sale, A Shopbop Sale & a dead laptop.


First up, if you are in the Melbourne area, I’m holding a garage sale this weekend! I have SO MUCH clothing, shoes, bags, jewellery, wigs, etc etc to get rid of. Prices starting from $1! I’m hoping to put some preview pics up on my blogs facebook page later.


Secondly, it’s that time of year again! The shopbop friends and family sale! It’s the perfect time to get in early for Birthday presents, or if you’re super prepared, Christmas. Even though it’s Autumn, I’ve been lusting after sunnies. I’ll forever be lusting after Miu Miu sunglasses. One day. I’m not sure why I have such a love of sunglasses, and my everyday glasses. I think it’s how easy it is a pair of glasses can change an outfit.

Thirdly. Wait, is thirdly even a word? It sounds wrong. Eh. It seems my laptop has gone to laptop heaven. I’m trying a few things to resurrect it, but for the moment, I really only have my phone to do stuff with. I don’t know how bloggers manage to blog just via phone. It’s times like these I wish my iPad hadn’t died too. In all fairness, my laptop (aptly named Stark) is around 4 years old and has done me an amazing service, which is probably pretty good for a laptop.

What’s new with you?