I’m Moving! Have some house Inspiration!

So, I’m moving! I’m both excited and anxious. I hate moving, but I love fresh starts. My new place is close by, in fact, it’s pretty much walking distance, so I already know the area and won’t be getting lost. While I do love my current place the wardrobe space was crazy, and I was wanting a place that I could get a 12 month lease. The new place has lots of wardrobe space, actually one of the rooms has a walk in wardrobe and en-suite!

house-inspire-001 house-inspire-002 house-inspire-003
1234 – 56

It’s going to be interesting though, the house has carpet, which I haven’t had in awhile. I think I need to invest in a good vacuum cleaner and some rugs. I’m lucky I have all the furniture I need (I could use a new fridge/freezer and lounge) but I’ve done a round up of some of my favourite decorative accents!


Target – Replica Phillippe Starck Louis Ghost Chair – $59 || I’m too fat to use these chairs (max 80kg to 100kg) but i’d love to have this in my room to hang my clothes over!

Ikea – SYNAS LED lighting box– $34.99 || After seeing these on The Shoe Girl Diaries, I decided I need one or two of these to display a couple of my fave pairs of shoes in.

Kmart – Wall LED Decor in Lightning White – $9.00 || This is just the cutest!

Kmart – Block Out Eyelet Curtains – $29.00 || I’m not sure what curtains I have in the bedroom of the new place, but I really love these pale pink block out curtains!

Kmart – Marmo Marble Floor Lamp – $39.00 || Weird fact, I’ve always dreamed of having a standing floor lamp, yep, a pretty easy lifelong goal I hope to rectify soon.

Ikea – FEJKA Artificial potted plant, bamboo – $69 || I’m have some fake flowers but i’m hoping to add some fake greenery to the new place.

Kmart – Wellington Faux Fur Rug in Pink$19.00 || I had one of these in white many many years ago, but after a horrible incedent with Mr Frodo before he passed, I had to throw it out. Now they have released them in pink and grey and I am just SO in love!

Kmart – Hexagon Metal Trays – $9.00 || As you can see, I’m loving pink and grey at the moment and I just love these trays!

Typo – Resin Unicorn Head – $39.99 || UNICORN HEAD! I love all the fake stag heads, but unicorns (and dinosaur ones I’ve seen) are so much cooler!

Urban Outfitters – Studio Mucci Unicorn Snow Fringe Banner – $35 || This is just so pretty, I can see it hanging above my bed.

 So, who wants to come and help me pack?