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Outfit – Pin Up Girl Clothing #ccr2015

March 25, 2015


Trying to decide what to wear for Curvy Couture Roadshow this year was hard. I wanted something a bit more night time friendly, and to out do last years outfit (A crop top & pencil skirt was pretty scary at first!) Then I came across this print on the Pin Up Girl website, and I knew I’d found THE dress!


It was slightly outside of my comfort zone. I don’t often like showing off my arms, and I wasn’t sure this style of dress would suit me, but I decided to throw caution to the wind. I mean, I was going to be surrounded by awesome fashionable plus size ladies! If I could wear this dress anywhere, it would be to CCR!


I’d never ordered from Pin Up Girl clothing, so asked my friends in a facebook group who are devout PUG ladies, and decided that even though my waist measurement was slightly out of the size chart, I’d go for the 3xl. The fit was perfect! Although the site says no stretch there is a little bit of room.

pinup-girl-clothing-ccr-004I can’t wait to get frocked up again and take some more pictures in this! Thanks to Suger for taking these photos for me at CCR!

Dress – c/o PinUp Girl Clothing | Headband – ASOS years ago | Shoes – Target

  • Rai

    Oh my goodness, you look BEAUTIFUL <3 that dress and that headband and that makeup… I want to be you when I grow up please 😉 haha xx

  • SpijkerKat


  • Awww man, you look amazing! Love love love the dress. Wow.

  • Oh my gosh, you look amazing! You always seem to suit the craziest, brightest colours! I love how you’ve put the spike headband with it too, just perfect. You looked gorgeous last year, but you’ve definitely upped it this time! x

  • THAT DRESS IS AMAZING! You looked gorgeous!

  • Louise P

    That dress is amazing! You look amazing, too! 🙂

  • Thank you 🙂

  • Thank you!!! 🙂 I thought you may like the dress!

  • Thank you! I have to admit, I never really think about what colours suit me when it comes to clothes, I just buy what I like. I guess I am pretty lucky that most colours do suit me!

  • Hee, thanks sweety! <3

  • 😀 😀 😀

  • Ahahaha, awww Thank you! 😛 xo

  • ADORABLE!! I am also in love with this dress – it is perfection in every way. You look fab, doll! xx

  • I am so in love! the pattern and the color are absolutely fantastic! The fit is great. You like amazing!

  • Trees

    This dress is perfect – I want one too!! It’s such a great cut and the fabric is obviously INCREDIBLE!! Love your spiky headband too, its really fun:D