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Outfit – Mother’s Day!


If you follow me on Instragram, you’ve seen most of these pictures before, though in smaller form. Apologies, but I wanted to share the outfit I wore yesterday to celebrate Mother’s Day. My parents and I went for a little drive & ended up in Springwood.


I still find it strange that I’ve been wearing so much light colours lately. Sure I made the move from all black outfits YEARS ago, but I’ve been having fun putting together outfits with no black at all.

The boots – These boots are SO comfy! I was having a quick look in Payless shoes and noticed they had ‘wide width – extended calf’ boots, so I tried them on. They fit with room to spare! I decided to pick up the brown pair, as I don’t have a pair of brown boots, plus they were on sale for $30! Yes, $30 for wide calf boots!

The stockings – Now, I don’t usually wear nude stockings, I find they are often way too tanned for me and make me look a little odd. However, when Sonsee sent me a pack last year, it included their 20denier tights. Yesterday was my first time wearing them, and like all Sonsee products, I was impressed. They are pretty sturdy for 20denier and they aren’t too dark! They match pretty well with my pasty white skin & don’t make my legs look orange! Hoorah!


We had lunch at a cafe called DBL Ristretto and it was delicious! I’m seriously craving another croissant!


Cat Jumper – ASOS | Skirt – ASOS | Cardi – Kmart | Flowers – Kmart | Belt – ASOS | Stockings – c/o Sonsee
Earrings – ASOS | Boots – Payless Shoes | Sunglasses – Ebay

 You can tell I do love ASOS! Sadly, most of what I’m wearing is all old stock. I’ve been trying to ‘shop what i’ve got’. It’s been fun rediscovering old items in my wardrobe!