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Outfit – Black Milk Shattered Crystal

February 21, 2014


 Please excuse my somewhat crumpled tunic, you see, I don’t iron. This tunic is another item that was lost to the back of my wardrobe, and doesn’t get enough love. It’s the perfect length for leggings, and when these black milk ones arrived in the mail, I knew I had to wear them straight away! I wore them out to dinner with my parents at the local pub. SEE!


These black milk leggings are the Shattered Crystal in XL, and I probably could have gone with the L. These ones are super stretchy and quite roomy at the knees. Sadly, these were a limited release and are sold out in the XL now.

I’m also SO in love with these shoes. I’d been eyeing them for awhile, but couldn’t afford them, and then BAM, The Iconic had a 70% off last sizes and of course, the size left was the 39. MINE. They are leather, and sooo comfortable!


Tunic – Autograph | Bolero – City Chic | Leggings – Black Milk | Shoes – Kobe Husk | Necklace – IDS Fashion

  • Those leggings are amazeballs!

  • Those leggings are so fabulous! I love the shoes too.

  • Clair

    Hi – long time lurker (?) first time comment-er 😉
    Those shoes are awesome (as are you, by the way), can you tell me if the size runs small or large? I’m pretty much an 8.5 (I usually size up to a 39) but I covet a pair of Kobe Husk that are only available in 38 …. what do you think my chances of fitting them are?? Thanks in advance…Clair

  • Hi Clair,
    Hmm, well, these are the 39, and my foot is a size 8, i’d say these are on the larger size of a 39. It’s pretty wide and I do have some room, but they aren’t too big on me. They are also a very soft leather, so have a lot of give, and these ones, with the laces work well as you can tighten them/ loosen them to help better the fit. I think there is a good chance of them fitting, but I’m not positive. Have a look at the site you are looking at them at, and see what their terms & conditions are, if you can return them or that if they don’t fit, or even if you could ebay them and make your money back. Sorry I couldn’t be of more help!

  • You can see in this picture how they are a teeny bit big on me.

  • Clair

    Thanks heaps for your help. I’ll check the returns info, but I reckon I might give them a go.
    Thanks again 🙂

  • Love those leggings!

  • This whole outfit is amazing. Those leggings and shoes neeeed!!! Sales are the best.

  • Rai

    I reeeaaaallly have a huge amount of want for one of the Black Milk x Adventure Time skater dresses, and now you’re making me want the leggings too 😉 xx

  • I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE this entire outfit more than air. I want it all in size faaaaaaaaaaaattimus maxiumus.

  • Those leggings. Oh dear god I love those. The shoes are quite stellar, as well!

  • They are so sparkly and rad!!

  • They really are amazing!

  • I find myself just staring at my leggings when I wear them, they are rather entrancing!

  • I’ve never watched Adventure Time, but even I love some of those skater dresses!

  • Nessbow

    Ok, so I know you look awesome and your leggings rock. But can we take a moment to talk about that necklace? Holy Christmas tree, is that thing fantastic! I love it!

  • Michelle (Stage Your Presence)

    That necklace – I just…WOW! I want it in my life so much. And those leggings too.