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Nail love!


Up until I was around 23, I was a chronic nail biter. It was bad. I don’t remember what happened, but one day, I just stopped.  Since then, i’ve enjoyed painting my nails and playing around with nail art. I can’t really afford to get my nails done professionally, so i’ve kind of taught myself the basics.

Whilst browsing kmart the other day, I came across the new nail section and found these pots of nail glitter, along with rolls of nail foil, flocking and caviar. Being the magpie I am, I decided to pick up the fine glitter and holographic sparkles to try.


The jar comes attached to a piece of cardboard (see here) and on the back the instructions basically tell you to paint your nails with a bottom coat, dip the nail in the glitter, brush off excess, and then cover with a top coat. I decided to try the small particle glitter, as a kind of dipped/ombre effect over my Essie colour, and I’m quite happy with how it turned out.


The best thing? Those little tubs were cheap! They were either $2, or $2.50. (Gees my mind has been weird & forgetful lately, too many things going on in it!) I can imagine it would last a long time too because I hardly used any with just doing the tips.

Are you a fan of nail art? What’s your fave colour to paint your nails?