NyataIndah top$139.95 | Nyata is a new to my Plus Size Aussie label, they have some amazing things, but I’m LOVING this top. Their clothing goes up to a size 30!!
Lime Crime Lip Stain in Wicked$19.99 | I have a fair few LC products, which I love, but I’ve yet to try their Velvetines. I’m in love with all the colours in the recent Clueless Witch collection, but I don’t know if I could pull off the black. This colour though, YES!
Pin Up Girl ClothingJenny Skirt in Neverland Print$98 My ultimate DREAM PIECE! I’m such a HUGE fan of Peter Pan for many reasons, I even used to go by the online name of ‘Natatree Darling’ for many years. This skirt is now available to a 4x, so I’m basically just weeping over the fact I really shouldn’t buy it. (My brain keeps saying “But you’re trying to save Natalie!”)
EveryBearJewel on EtsyWhite topaz & Silver dog ring – $86.34 | It’s a ring that’s in the style of a dog! I’m really missing having a dog. I miss Frodo so much, but now i’m really feeling the ‘lack of dog loneliness’.
ASOSUnicorn Earrings – $15.69 | Pretty unicorn earrings, ’nuff said!
Zatchels Pink York Rose Saddle Bag – £60 | Remember when Satchels where such a rage!? I never got one, though I wanted one. I’m loving the print on this new collection, and the super cute saddle bag size.
ASOS Curve Fluro Floral Maxi Dress – $127.45 | How amazing is this dress? The colours in it are my fave. I don’t usually like high necklines, but I’d make an exception for this dress!
MelRaspberry Heart Heels – Was $75.00 – $37.50 | I may have a thing for heart shoes! And they are on sale!!
RollieDerby heart shoes$139.95 | Rollie are another new to me brand, but how cute and comfy do these shoes look!?

What are you currently coveting?