Lustlist! Ft Crossroads, Bohemian Traders & Ashley Nell Tipton!

Woot woot, it’s Lustlist time! The time when I share some of the things that have caught my eye around the world wide web! Mostly clothing and accessories. It’s getting close to Christmas (where has this year gone?) so I’m also starting to think about Christmas presents for friends, family & myself!End of October Lustlist

01 – Crossroads – Lemon Sweetheart Dress – $49.95au || I really am loving anything with any kind of citrus or banana leaf print atm and this dress looks super pretty and great for summer!

02 – ASOS Curve – Cami Dress With Lace Underlayer – $55.00 || 90’s eat your heart out! In high school I used to rock a petticoat with my Dr Martens and this kind of reminds me of that.

03 – River Island – Amelie badge super skinny jeans – $96.00au || Jeans & I have a complicated relationship, I’m always looking for *the perfect* jean. I’ve yet to try RI denim, but I love the added flair of these!

04 – JC Penny/Ashley Nell Tipton for Boutique+ – Cropped Long-Sleeve Button-Down Shirt Lipstick Print $42.30 || This top! THIS TOP! I want it in all the colours, but the lipstick print is my fave! JC Penny have been having some great sales too!

05JC Penny/Ashley Nell Tipton for Boutique+ – Pleated Faux-Leather Skirt – $69.20 || This skirt was made for me! Well, it wasn’t, but it could have been! It’s pink, it’s faux leather and it’s midi length! If you threw some glitter on it, it would BE ME!

06 – Bohemian Traders – Periwinkle Sequin Skirt – $159.00 || I don’t know if it’s a new thing, but I didn’t know Bohemian Traders did plus sizes! They have a few items in this periwinkle sequin, but I keep eyeing the pencil skirt. It really is just the PERFECT colour.

07 – Deux – Grey X Earrings – $30 || I seem to be on an Aussie made perspex statement earring kick as of late! I think I need to add some Deux ones to my collection!

08 – Bohemian Traders – Frida top with tassels – $149.00 || Another BT beauty, I’m loving the OTS trend ATM & look forward to rocking some this summer. Plus, hello coloured funky tassels!

09 – Deux – Short Rose Earrings – $25 || Such a pretty colour!

10 – ASOS – Rosaline Heeled Multi Glitter Ankle Boots – $63.00 || I also seem to be on a glitter bootie kick (see what I did there! KICK!) and these look so beautiful. Seriously, go to the ASOS site and watch the video for these. I basically sit there drooling and making GIMMIE hands!

11 – ASOS – Regan WIDE FIT Pink Glitter Ankle Boots – $69.00 || These ones are pink AND wide fit! I’m pretty lucky I don’t NEED wide fit, but they certainly make things comfier. I know a lot of my readers need wide fit though, so RUN and get these!

12 – Sportsgirl – Owl Keyring – $12.95 || You probably know by now I love the bag pom trend going on, and I also collect own things, so of course this is on the list! Duh!

13 – ASOS / Hype – All Over Sequin Backpack – $36.00 || Pink. Sequins. Backpack. On sale. Need I say more?