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Yet another funk.


I’m in a funk. Again. Not a good kind of funk either. The after holiday blues. Please tell me i’m not the only one who gets sad after a holiday?

It also seems I lost any luck I had on the way home from the airport. It’s lots of little things. Misplacing my keycard. Slipping over at the shops, actually, I can’t even list the amount of silly ways I’ve hurt myself. From slamming my hand down on the corner of a chair, to having a giant slab of ice fly off from my freezer and hit me in the face. The little things build up, and they get to you.


I’m emotional. Well, maybe hormonal would be the better word. My hormones have me emotional. I’m lonely, and i’m clucky, which is a very weird and pretty sad combination. That usually then channels itself into me wanting to buy shoes. (Like these, these, these, or these)

I’m still peeling. Crazy huh!? Nearly 2 weeks on and my arms, hands and legs are still peeling! Though I’ve still got a tan, which I really do find SO weird. Me, with a tan, and blonde hair! I’m like some weird freaky friday, doppelganger me.



Most of my worries, my problems are so trivial, so minuscule in the grand scale of things, that I then just feel crappy for feeling overwhelmed by it all. I don’t open up about everything here, there are more serious things that I don’t share. I just have to take a deep breath and remember that part of my mental health problem is that I sometimes feel too much. What feels like a bump in the road to most people might feel like an epic trip to Mount Doom to me. And you know what, it really shits me.

I get through it though. While I seem to be better at being stronger for other people, I need to remember that I am also strong for myself. I need to keep positive. My time will come. My happiness will come.