Welcome to the new XL as Life!


I had made previous mentions that Extra Large as Life was getting some work done behind the scenes, and now finally, I can show you the in front of scenes newness! I’d been wanting to update the blog design for a while and figured the start of 2013 would make the perfect time, only, my muse could not figure out a header design, so I commissioned the ever so wonderful Lauren Carney to help out.

The frame of the layout is the same, but as you can see the colours have changed slightly, and the text size has been increased. I’m still fiddling around a bit with the sidebar, but I’ve finally fixed up my advertising. I have an all new media kit to go along with the overhaul!

Never fear, the blog will still continue on with having the same similar content. Outfit posts, personal musings, pictures of my fur babies. I’ll be setting up a survey soon with some questions regarding blog content, what you do and don’t want to see.

So, what do you think!?