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Simple, easy ghd hair!


I was contacted recently and asked if I’d like a ghd to review in exchange for a post on my blog sharing a hairstyle in which I use to ghd. While I actually decline a lot of sponsored posts, I jumped at the chance to do this. I’d only used a ghd once, a couple years ago, but it was love at first use. My hair straightener has however seems to have lasted forever and I’ve never had the excuse to have to go buy a ghd.

I have to say, I’m kind of in love with the ghd even more, and that’s the truth. I used to be a bit of a skeptic, thinking “what makes the ghd so different”, and in honestly, it’s not much, but those differences, well, they make a difference. The actual ghd is smaller then most hair straighteners I’ve used, and no, not ‘travel size’ small, but width wise. I find this helps with the likes of this style and to curl your hair. (Yes, you can curl your hair with your ghd, it’s a bit like how you curl a ribbon with scissors). Also, it heats up SUPER fast. No waiting around for it to heat up enough, it’s quick!


My head was filled with visions of how I’d style my hair. I could do a retro look, some big curls, a sleek high ponytail, or maybe some elaborate braided updo? Then I got sick. Which lead me to lay in bed thinking. Those idea’s are all well and good, but not overly realistic. I used to play around with my hair when I was a teen, but I’m not a hairdresser. I also don’t have long lucious locks. I have thin, straight hair. It lacks volume, it’s shoulder length, and I really don’t do much with it these days style wise. I blow dry it, I straighten it, and let it be.

Though sometimes, I want a little more fun. So, I thought I’d show you my go to easy hair style. You’ve seen me rocking similar on the blog many times. It’s simple, it’s easy, it’s fast.


This is my hair just washed and dried quickly with my hairdryer. This is about as much volume as my hair naturally gives me. Of course, the style will stick better on dirtier hair, but it works well on clean hair too.


I brush my hair and seperate it into top and bottom sections, and get to work on the lower half of my hair.


I work the ghd through my hair, but not in the normal ‘pull straight down’ method you do to straighten your hair. Instead, every 2 or so inches, I twist the ghd and hold my hair taught, for a second, then follow through and do it the opposite way down a little further.

(I have to give it to hair & beauty bloggers, it’s not easy trying to describe how to do hair!)


I let down the top half and repeat the process. I will then often then go through and pick random strands and re-do those to give it a bit more of a messy bed-head kind of vibe. It may not look like much of a difference, but it is.


I’ll then seperate my fringe and a bit more of my hair, in a rectangle shape. I pin the rest of my hair back off my face.


I’m not an expert braider, I get the general idea, and I make do, but they aren’t perfect. I braid the separate section and continue to plait the rest of the hair and secure with a hair elastic.

If you need help with braids, I highly recommend Hair Romances ‘30 braids in 30 days‘ ebook.


Ta – da!

For a more crisper look, use some styling mousse right at the very start, and for extra hold, spray some hair spray on at the end. A good heat protector spray is always good when using high heat products on your hair. I’m currently trying to use less product in my hair, so this tutorial was shown without the use of any products.

So, that’s my hair tutorial! Quick, easy, simple.

DISCLOSURE: Type A. The ghd was sent to me in exchange for this post